Who we are

We are a not for profit organisation set up to monitor and raise awareness to protect and improve our tidal rivers.  To promote and advance improvements to the estuaries and tidal rivers around our coast for the plants, animals and the public benefit of those who live and work on them.

Our work involves using a Manta trawl to sample the waters and collect microplastics starting out on the Thames and Medway Estuary,  foreshore clean ups, and working with circular economy and solutions. If you want to know have a look and maybe get involved.


Richard Bain

Richard is a third generation Thames Waterman and lighterman. Having worked in various industries including London based tourist boats and Cargo vessels, he has over 19 years’ experience. Richard is the Managing Director of Jetstream Tours and operating passenger boats on the Thames and Medway.

Tanya Ferry

As an ocean advocate Tanya has joined research teams diving in UK waters, sailing around the coast monitoring microplastics and surveying the marine environment. She has been working in or on estuaries for over 10 years and has built up a strong understanding of the challenges estuaries in the face of change climate and increased use. Frustrated by the lack of successful management and conservation of estuaries as well as the UK’s tendencies to use estuaries as building expansion or turn communities away from the natural environment they actually rely on, Tanya launched Living River Foundation to try and connect the communities with their local habitats.


Paul Rose is a National Geographic Explorer who has been monitoring waters all over the world.



Chair – Mary Ferry

 Mary retired as an IT service consultant in 2018 having worked introducing service models into commercial and government organisations for over 25 years. Mary has supported a number of nature conservation organizations as  volunteer or supporter, including marine mammal surveys on cruise ships and administration support.  Mary has set up her own local U3A Environmental Studies Group.


Vice Chair – Sarah Hussey

Sarah is an experienced fisheries biologist and has 14 years in the Environment Agency and in the conservation and private sectors.  

Now at Sea Farms Ltd, she is their fisheries biologist ensuring responsible, sustainably and ethically sourced. 


Member – Deborah Sims

Secretary – Vacancy

Treasurer – Vacancy






Our Policies