Craft Workshops

Living River Foundation has partnered with Unravel & Unwind CIC and Maries Emporium to bring you a series of craft workshops making products for yourself or donated to local Hygiene and Food Banks for people in need. 

The products we have chosen help you save money and reduce you own plastic footprint, or helps someone else do so. Learn to make your or own or donate for those who can’t afford hygiene products. 

We are working with Medway Food bank, Rochester Hygiene Bank so you can donate extra products you have made to go to someone who needs help to get out of poverty.

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Courses are held in Gravesend, Chatham, Chatham Maritime, and Rainham. Check out the table at the bottom of the page to find out where they are all held.

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Beeswax wrap 

 Replace your cling film with a wrap; any size you want. Learn about the antibacterial properties of bees wax and the circular reuse of the materials. Bring your old wraps to refresh them.  Wax provided by local bee keepers in Medway. 

Sanitary Towels

Reduce your plastic use by making your own reusable pads, reusing materials commonly available or thrown away. 

Those of you more advanced and able to make several during the class will also be able to create privacy bags for pads donated to the homeless.

Scrubber washing up 

Advanced crochet class to make a reuseable and washable washing up scrubber.

Experienced Crocheter only!

Soap making

Soap Making course – using 100% Essential oils, and Natural products and Cruelty Free.   Make for yourself, as a gift or donate for others. 

Course only available in Gravesend.


Can’t join a course, still want to help?

If you’d like to donate materials to help make these products and learn how to repurpose items you would normally throw away we are always looking for the following items; 

  • Cotton materials and old clothes
  • Jute twine
  • Cotton twine
  • Cereal bags (the ones you find in the boxes)
  • Used up Beeswax candles or wax

Available Courses by site and craft

Maries Emporium, GravesendSt Mary’s IslandIntra, ChathamOasthouse, Rainham
Beeswax Wrap10th March
1600 – 1800
1800 – 2000
4th Feb
1800 – 2000
10th Feb
1000 – 1200
1400 – 1600
Soapawaiting datesnot availablenot availablenot available
Crochet Cleaning pads25th Feb 1630-200024th March
1600 – 1900
15th March
Make your own Sanitary Pad29th Jan
1700- 1930
20th Feb 1730 – 200011th Jan
1000 to 1500

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