Events Calendar

Our Calendar includes events and activities of the foundation that you can get involved in. Some events may need specific registration so we have directed you to the right page on our website, or partners website in the notes of the events.  You must be registered for most of the events to guarantee entrance. 

Given the ongoing circumstances and shortages for critical supplies like antibacterial wipes and gel, the Living River Foundation has come to a difficult but necessary decision. In line with government guidance all clean ups, surveys and inside events will be postponed until May 2020 at the very least. Our priority is safety of our volunteers and community, particularly those providing critical services, so we will operate our existing fleet and infrastructure with a skeleton crew.

Event Registrations

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Conferences, cruises and talks 


Make your own, training days and more

Clean ups

Island, project and land based clean up events

Fish and Chip Cruises 2020

Dates are now on our calendar for 2020’s fish and chip cruises, from Chatham in partnership with Jetstream Tours. Speakers vary depending on the day, we have secured a number of the same speakers as last year covering birds, fish and fishing.

For only £25 you get a cruise, talk and dinner, the foundation gets a donation within your ticket price. 

Book directly with Jetstream Tours

30th April Hayley Taylor, Birdwise

14th May Steve Colclough, Institute of Fisheries Management

4th June Richard Turner, Rochester Oyster & Floating Fisheries

25th June Kevin Thornton, Ornithologist. 

16th July Hayley Taylor, Birdwise

13th August Steve Colclough, Institute of Fisheries Management

10th September Kevin Thornton, Ornithologist.