Funding & Support

Support and Donations

We are really grateful for your support and donations, these help us run the background bits and bobs like insurance, administration and project planning.

You can donate or fund in a number of ways

  • Buy our teeshirts at Teemill!
  • Collection of items, here is the details of what we can take, which also doubles as a handy Recycling poster!
  • For recycling we can generate fund from your stamps, phones and electrical items.
  • For remaking we can generate funds from, old ribbon, material, hard cardboard (not corrugated, but like the back of notebooks) and nautical charts.
  • Provide a collection facility
  • donate working equipment to the classes. We currently need an A3 (or bigger) guilotine, workbenches.
  • develop a class of make your own.

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Donate through Give as you Live Donate


We are are also supported in kind by a number of businesses to deliver general or project specific activities.

Fish and Chip Cruises, boats and donor

Litter Free Maritime

Litter Free Maritime

Litter Free Maritime

Thames Manta

Support of various Activities and donor

All our communication and press

Signs, graphics and promotional material

Thames Manta project

The project is grateful for the following supporters;

Students from Brunel University are anaylsing the samples from 2018 and will be joining us in 2019 and continuing the analysis to count plastic particles and try to identify where unusual particles are from.

Panthalassa Ltd, owns the vessel ‘Snapper’ and commissioned the Manta Trawl. They have provide the licenced vessel and approvals from the PLA and Peel Ports to undertake this work in the Thames and Medway, respectively.

Jetstream Tours have kindly put up the money for the adaptions in order to make the vessel ‘Snapper’ ready for the trawl.

Medway Marine have done all the metalwork both on the vessel ‘Snapper’ and created the trawl frame for the project.