Litter Free Maritime Progress

Project Progress

January 2023 Blitz

The January Blitz has been attended by volunteers from the foundation, local residents and Chatham Marina berth holders. Four clean-ups were completed, while staff from a local business, Wards Security, helped the Foundation and Marina staff remove the boom sections ready for their winter refurb. 
We found some interesting items, including a boomerang and a garage door remote!  There was a clear decrease in litter over the month. But when we returned to our monthly clean-ups, while the volume is much lower overall, some types of litter started to increase again, these include wristbands, clear and food wrappers.  
The Monthly litter picks will resume in April, once the boom is relaunched and replaced. If you would like to join the events or other work in Chatham Maritime Area please email

Removal and Data analysis

Regular clean ups have been running with the support of both Chatham Maritime Trust or Medway Council. A reporting app and form is available for anyone to photograph and report litter wherever it is across the estate. The clean ups and reporting has created a number of hotspots around the estate that we are now able to act upon. A snapshot of the reports are below, for a live feed as to where reports are coming in from, please check out our map here. Find out how to get involved here

Marina Cleans ups with the volunteers and the berth holders were started in August and found some surprising items. Volunteers continue to monitor the marina, but the collaborative clean ups are now a regular event.  Marina berth holders also have their own bins to pick up at least three items whilst they are in the marina.
A litter boom is being built to install permanently in the marina to help collect the litter in a way that minimises the impact on the marina and reduces the eyesore for residents.


St Mary’s Island Residents Association (SMIRA) were the first to take direct action under the project, in their summer picnic, when they managed to arrange (right down to the bunting) a single use plastic free event. We came along to help residents with suggestions of simple swaps and had a great time despite the heat!  Find out more here.

For other news on the project  and what we have found please check out our news page
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