Slice of Medway #Litterarma

Since 2019 the foundation has visited some of the islands in the Medway to clean litter. We only go in September while the birds aren’t around.

In 2019 we filled the boat that we had to buy a bigger one, but in 2020 we fill that too.

In fact on the day in the picture, the volunteers collected over 1000 bottles in just a few hours. They took up so much space on the litter boat it was hard to move around it!

Birds nest on these islands in the summer and feed on the mud over winter. Fish feed on the insects around the edges of the islands and seals rest on the mud. It is a thriving area full of life but it is also full of litter.

We are back out on the islands in September 2021 and you can find out about what we collect at the time on our social media.

Art installations

Along with all the bottles we  do find the strangest things in the Medway Estuary when we are going out on our surveys.  But in early 2020,  with support from Medway Council,  and with the help of local craftperson, Ebb and Flow Crafts, we have made some of the common items we brought back from the islands into art.

The Slices of Medway were installed along Intra High street and now we are bringing them to various venues across Medway.  

27th August – 17th September – Chatham and Rochester Libraries

18th  & 19th  September – Sun Pier House and Sun Pier. Returning to Chatham libraries

25th October – 15th November – Hempstead Library

16th November – 7th December – Cuxton Library

7th December- 10th January – Rainham Library

10th January – 31st January – Lordswood Library


7th February- 30th March – Chatham Historic Dockyard with workshops and clean ups. Click the link to see the full list of events. 

Take a photo and tag #litterarma when you find them!  Can you identify the items we have sealed in place? 

To book the artwork email

Story Telling Workshop

Join Living River Foundation for story telling sessions.  For children 7-11 years old

Our volunteers will tell you about the Medway estuary and the litter they find on the islands. Then write a poem, your own story or draw us a picture to tell your story to stop litter getting into the estuary.  

These are accessible events for deaf families with renowned deaf local artist Christopher Sacre from SEE and CREATE joining us and a BSL interpreter providing interpretation in BSL and spoken English.

  • Rochester Library on the 11th September 2021, 1030 or 1400
  • Chatham library on the 3rd October 2021, 1030 or 1430

Book at the library desk or call 01634 337 799

Watch our volunteers on You-Tube Channel in February 2021 to hear about the Medway estuary, litter and marine wildlife to gain some inspiration for your story! Ally Sinyard from the Medway Intra Poetry Walk is also joining us to give you poetry hints and tips.

If you would like to get involved on the island clean ups or workshops email us

About High Street Heritage Action Zones

The High Street Heritage Action Zone (HSHAZ) Cultural Programme pilot is led by Medway Council, funded by Historic England and The National Lottery Heritage Fund, and supported by Arts Council England. Over the next 6 weeks people will be able to enjoy six projects by getting involved, sharing stories, writing poetry, delving into history, reflecting on past events, creating artwork inspired by the area and celebrating the people who live, work and visit there.  

We are lucky enough to be one of the six projects contributing to the pilot at in Chatham.

HSHAZ is a Medway Council run project and part of a national programme funded by Historic England, working with local people and partners through grant funding to help breathe new life into high streets that are rich in heritage and full of promise. Their work will help unlock the potential of the local area and make them more attractive to residents, businesses, tourists and investors.

The High Streets Heritage Action Zones scheme, backed by government funding, aims to help with the recovery of local high streets, from regenerating historic buildings to helping to engage local communities through art and cultural projects.

The Sun Pier to Star Hill conservation area has been awarded £1.6m High Street Heritage Action Zone funding from Historic England for regeneration in the area. The focus is on bringing the history and heritage of the area back to life, and boosting the local economy by 2024.