Slice of Medway #Litterarma

The High Street Heritage Action Zone (HSHAZ) Cultural Programme pilot is led by Medway Council, funded by Historic England and The National Lottery Heritage Fund, and supported by Arts Council England. Over the next 6 weeks people will be able to enjoy six projects by getting involved, sharing stories, writing poetry, delving into history, reflecting on past events, creating artwork inspired by the area and celebrating the people who live, work and visit there.  

We are lucky enough to be one of the six projects contributing to the pilot at in Chatham.  Find out how to get involved below. 

Art installations

We find the strangest things in the Medway Estuary when we are going out on our surveys.  But now with support from Medway Council we are making some of the common items into art. 

Shortly we will be installing a trail of slithers of litter collected from the estuary in driftwood frames, through the High Street Heritage Action Zone (HSHAZ), from Star Hill to Sun Pier. 

Take a photo and tag #litterarma when you find them!

Story Telling & Poem Competition

If you are between 7 and 10 years old and live in or near the HSHAZ? A budding writer, keen on environmental improvements, and the local area?


You will need to submit the poem or story by the 12th March below, the best submissions will be distributed in a printed and e-book.

  • Poems can be any type but not be longer 1 page.
  • Stories can be no longer than 500 words
  • All submissions must refer to; 
    • Medway Estuary
    • Heritage of the area; and 
    • At least 3 items on our photo board.

All submissions must be submitted by the online form below, and must include the signed permission for publication.  Please download the permission and get it signed with the form. 


Litterarma Collage

If you have any problems with the forms please drop us an email at or Facebook message us!

Needing inspiration?

Join our volunteers on Medway’s Library You-Tube Channel in Half Term to hear about the Medway estuary, litter and marine wildlife to gain some inspiration for your story! Ally Sinyard from the Media Intra Poetry Walk is also joining us to give you some hints and tips.

About High Street Heritage Action Zones

HSHAZ is a Medway Council run project and part of a national programme funded by Historic England, working with local people and partners through grant funding to help breathe new life into high streets that are rich in heritage and full of promise. Their work will help unlock the potential of the local area and make them more attractive to residents, businesses, tourists and investors.

The High Streets Heritage Action Zones scheme, backed by government funding, aims to help with the recovery of local high streets, from regenerating historic buildings to helping to engage local communities through art and cultural projects.

The Sun Pier to Star Hill conservation area has been awarded £1.6m High Street Heritage Action Zone funding from Historic England for regeneration in the area. The focus is on bringing the history and heritage of the area back to life, and boosting the local economy by 2024.