Wildlife Guide Author interview

Wildlife Guide Author interview

Why have you written this book?

I have worked on estuaries for a long time and spend a lot of time telling people that they are important and cleaner than they have ever been.  Most of the time people don’t believe me! 

There are a lot of passionate people that work on the estuaries, protect the wildlife and use them for recreation or trade. Once you understand little bit more about them, you will be hooked to help the estuaries, just like our volunteers.  


Wouldn’t it be great to have more people understanding the way the Thames and Medway work to protect it, but how does the public know what lives there, if we don’t show them. 


What does it do?

I have listed a number of important birds, mammals, fish and insects that live along the river, using stunning illustrations to show their features.  We have collected best advice and guidance as to where and when to see the animals, responsibly of course, as well as a bit of history and fun facts about the estuaries.   


Who is it for?

Anyone who enjoys the Thames and Medway estuary and wants to learn more about it. It’s a handy size to keep in the glovebox of a car, on your boat or in the inside pocket of your jacket for that coastal walk or picnic next to the waters edge.


Where can it be purchased?

At the moment is it only available online as a pre order, as the final publication date will be later in June.

In due course, once lockdown allows various businesses are allowed to open we are hopeful that you may find it in your local chandlery, yacht club and pub. But we will be ensuring that any profits in this book is returned to the Living River Foundation to support their important work.

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