Volunteer Power

Volunteer Power

This week sees the National Council of Volunteer Organisation celebrates the power and contribution of volunteers. This is critical resources for charities like Living River Foundation. On the 11 October UK wide they celebrated #YoumakeitHappen

While the Foundation focuses on Estuarine habitats, in the Medway particularly, but also with our Thames Manta project, we are really lucky. From February 2018 when we were formed, we have achieved so much already!

We have fantastic partners like Brunel University, MDL Marinas and Chatham Maritime Trust.

We still have so much to give, and with our fantastic volunteers we will be able to do so much more. Our founders & trustees, also volunteers look forward to meeting more volunteers in the future.

If you would like to volunteer for Living River Foundation sign up here or if you would like to fundraise for us please drop us an email at info@living-river.org

If you are not able to jump from a boat don’t worry, there are plenty of things to do!! We are an entirely volunteer lead organisation. So we need fundraisers, data collation, GIS experts, coordinators, retail liaisons, event managers, clean up organisers, stall attendants.

If you are keen and motivated we need you!!

Be part of next years celebration of volunteer effort..

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