Third Party Selling spaces

Teeshirts & Bags

We have teamed up the Teemill, they only print when required so we don’t have loads of items that are never used.  The cost is a little higher as we have also got organic cotton, sustainably sourced. Find out more about how it has been made here.  We get a little bit back as well to help fund our work, so we hope you like the range and volunteer uniforms are also available here

Etsy Crafts & Materials

We sell items that we have remake, repurpose or collected in our litter collection like driftwood for crafts.

Find us on Esty here

The Pocket Guide for the Thames and Medway Wildlife

The Pocket Wildlife Guide for the Thames and Medway Estuary is a new edition to the Foundations publications. Whether you are a fisherman (or woman), sailor, kayaker, walking during your exercise along the estuaries or interested in learning more about the wildlife, this book is a bitesize introduction to the marvels of estuary life. 

Written and published by our founder, Tanya Ferry, the book is full of fun facts, key pointers on how to enjoy the wildlife and not damage it.  It also features charming illustrations from a range of UK artists. 

Its small size means you can take it with you, keep it on your boat or keep it safe on your book case. 

£5 plus £2.2 p&p